Banking Industry

The firm has successfully undertaken litigation services for some of the leading banks in Kenya including: 

a) KCB Bank Kenya Limited

  • The firm successfully defended the bank against a claim filed in the High Court and the Court of Appeal over a facility of more than 60 million.

b) Family Bank Limited 

  • The firm successfully defended an application for injunction against the bank over realization of a prime asset in Busia town over default on a facility of more than 30 million.
  • The firm has also successfully defended a suit against the bank over a facility extended to a customer and secured by a prime property in Meru. The amount in issue was more than 28 million.
  • The firm successfully defended an injunctive claim against the bank over manufacturing defects on HINO FC 500 model trucks and PSV distance buses that were acquired by the plaintiffs through asset financing facilities advanced by various banks. 

In addition, the firm advises both lenders and borrowers on aspects of structuring, negotiating and documenting financing transactions. The firm also advises on banking regulation and supervision, finance leasing arrangements, secured commercial lending, trade, project and corporate financing arrangements, equity, and loan finance and the taking, enforcement and realization of security interests including: 

  1. The firm successfully re-instated a legal charge over property located in Vihiga, Kakamega County in favour of a bank. The said charge had been fraudulently discharged without the Bank’s authorization. 
  2. Registration of a transfer and legal charge over a property in favour of a to secure the sum of Kenya Shillings One Hundred and Forty Million (Kshs. 140,000,000.00/=) only. 
  3. Registration of a transfer of 10 acres of land located in Ngong Town in favour of a SACCO. 
  4. Registration of a transfer and charge over a property in favour of a bank to secure the sum of Kenya Shillings Eighty Million (Kshs. 80,000,000.00/=) only.

Rescue Center

The ministry runs a school and a child rescue center which currently has 23 kids who are under the child protection program.

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The ministry currently has a school that is meant to support orphaned and vulnerable children so that they are not disadvantaged because they come from less privileged backgrounds.

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Affordable HealthCare

We are committed to transforming the lives of the community in Manafwa through the provision of water, educating the rescued children, and providing free or affordable health care to both adults and children.

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We seek to be responsive to the needs of every vulnerable newborn child to ensure they receive proper healthcare, sanitation and nutrition.


We are driven by Biblical Integrity and we seek to be accountable and faithful stewards to what has been entrusted to us.

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We believe and value the fact that every child is entitled to proper healthcare, sanitation and nutrition.

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