Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions

The firm has considerable capacity to advise on regulatory and licensing matters relating to different sectors and industries on matters mergers and acquisitions and disposals, private equity and public equity. The firm also specializes in preparing and advising on agency, distribution, franchising and all other forms of commercial agreements and employee arrangements.

Our services include work relating to: 

  1. Preacquisition review. 
  2. Negotiating, preparing and reviewing sale and purchase agreements (both shares and assets) preparatory and ancilliary agreements, joint ventures, shareholders and other business agreements. 
  3. Capital restructuring, post-acquisition integration or reorganization. 
  4. Establishment of special purpose vehicles (SPVs) for joint ventures; 
  5. Documenting and handling the various regulatory requirements for M&A transactions, investment structures, and other business combinations.

Company Law

The firm also provides advice to private companies, both local and international. It ranges from the incorporation (formation) of companies, general trade and business, business model restructuring, and dissolution (winding up) of companies. 

Our services include work relating to: 

  1. Advising on the legal framework for the proposed business activity, as well as on the suitable vehicle or structure for the investment, including the establishment of branches, subsidiaries, representative offices, regional headquarters, regional operating headquarters, and other types of business vehicles; 
  2. Advising on and obtaining special registrations for corporate entities to avail of tax and other incentives under the Kenyan Law; 
  3. Transferring of shares and change of directorship within companies;
  4. Advising on and obtaining government approvals, permits, licenses and registrations for the client’s operations; 
  5. Preparing, negotiating and reviewing contracts for various corporate and commercial transactions that may arise from the client’s business; and 
  6. Advising on the Kenyan regulatory regime for various corporate and commercial transactions that may have implications on the client’s business. 

Please see below some of the matters that have been handled by our commercial and corporate department.

  1. Review of contract for the supply installation and commissioning of the performance monitoring system between our client and a telecommunications company in Botswana. Value of contract: USD 195,000.00/= 
  2. Review of agreement for the provision of the management of information security services to one of the leading private Hospitals in Kenya. Value of contract: KSHS. 1, 740, 000/= 
  3. Drafting of letter of memorandum of understanding between our client and a startup company for purchase of shares in the company and technology. Value of contract: Kshs. 4,000,000.00/= 
  4. Incorporation of a Company Limited by Guarantee. 
  5. Restructuring the shareholding in one of our client’s subsidiary companies. 
  6. Drafting of a coal transportation agreement between our client and a ceramic manufacturing agreement. Value of contract 80,000 USD 
  7. Review an agreement on behalf of our client appointing a brand ambassador to market some of the client’s products. Value of contract: KSHS. 1,000,000.00/= 
  8. Annual renewal of our client’s trading licenses and filing of their returns. 
  9. Providing corporate restructuring tax advisory services to a client.

Rescue Center

The ministry runs a school and a child rescue center which currently has 23 kids who are under the child protection program.

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The ministry currently has a school that is meant to support orphaned and vulnerable children so that they are not disadvantaged because they come from less privileged backgrounds.

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Affordable HealthCare

We are committed to transforming the lives of the community in Manafwa through the provision of water, educating the rescued children, and providing free or affordable health care to both adults and children.

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